When transporting vegetable oil, mineral oil and chemicals it is vital that we follow all quality and environmental standards. Throughout our existence, we have focused on safety, quality, flexibility and reliability, because we believe that quality is instrumental to ensuring that customers receive excellent and reliable service.

We manage our quality according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. We prioritise error prevention and continuously work to improve our quality standards by implementing procedures in all our daily routines. We continuously carry out controls to ensure that we meet quality objectives, environmental protection and energy policies.

ISO 14001
As one of the pioneering shipping companies of the world, Herning Shipping A/S was one of the early companies to be ISO 14001 certified in 2000. The ISO 14001 covers all aspects related to environmental safety. It applies to those environmental aspects, over which we are in control and on which we are expected to have influence.